Piru Cougars

The Camulos ranch, famous as the home of Ramona, is only two miles distant and Piru City is the nearest point where hotel accommodations can be secured. Parties who wish to visit the home of Ramona should therefore stop at the Piru Hotel. The Piru Hotel has been conducted by Mrs. The ranch consists of acres and a half mile of Piru Creek flows north to south through the ranch. We are blessed with an abundance of wildlife including California condors, golden eagles, red tail hawks, California quail, mourning doves, great horned owls, bob cats, black tail deer, black bears, cougars, wild rainbow trout, the illustrious arroyo toad, and many more of Gods creatures too numerous to mention. During the late 80's and early to mid 90's my son Brian and I fly fished the creek weekly and a bad day occurred if you caught and released less than 40 trout each. The further one ventured up the canyon trout became more abundant and usually larger. We have fished the entire length of the stream from Pyramid Lake to Lake Piru. The stream contains an abundance of may flies and caddis fly's and when these fly's are hatching you will see thousands upon thousands of them fluttering above the water. Turn over any rock and you will see these insects in their nymph state which provide the fish with an excellent diet. Unfortunately the State Water Resources Board has recently elected to reduce the water flow in Piru Creek to what they call natural flows to protect the endangered arroyo toad. This literally means little or no water will be released from Pyramid lake into the stream. Of course the late fall and winter flows will be subject to the whims of nature and can rise to 25, cubic feet per second or more in just a matter of hours.

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Piru Cougars
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