Meet Black Women in Velen

Make your way over to the bridge that overlooks the small pond just to the north of Blackbough. This guide for The Witcher 3 is a walkthrough of every side quest in Velen. Word has it that a witch has taken residence in Midcopse. Look for the marker on the minimap and head there. In town, the residence appears a bit skittish around you. Close by is a local, sweeping her house, muttering about a witch. Go and talk to him.

To win, you must defeat three adversaries in Velen. The Witcher 3: The following Witcher 3 side quests let you compete in a fighting tournament, test your horse racing skills and provide a chance to meet up with Letho from The Witcher 2, providing you have a save file for the game and, you know, let him live.

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Meet Black Women in Velen
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